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Tibaldi for Bentley Azure | 10% OFF Coupon Code: 10YOUTUBE Tibaldi introduces the Tibaldi for Bentley Azure collection. Elegance is everything with the Azure. The sleek, sporting body effortlessly transforming into one of the most sophisticated convertibles ever; the low automated roof slipping away at the touch of a button to reveal the splendor within. Of the current Bentley models, the Azure best exemplifies the marque's past virtues. It is masculine and debonair, eminently capable, ever unruffled. The Azure continues in the tradition of first model to bear the name: a massive and powerful V8 engine propels the vehicle with grace, wheter cruising gently or pressing on. It is essence of the Bentley experience. Despite the unparalleled success of Bentley, seeing one on the road is still an event. The simple reason is that Bentley will never be able to statisfy demand, and the vehicles are best described as ''uncommon''. Tibaldi for Bentley writing instruments, too, are limited editions, the Azure collection continuing this tradition. But there is another Bentley service, exemplified by their coachbuilders, Mulliner, which has been emulated in the Tibaldi for Bentley Azure pens: the fortunate owener can specify the leathers used to cover the barrel. Available in Beluga, Burnt Oak, Hotspur and Imperial Blue. The collection consists of fountain pens and roller balls, available as a limited edition of 500 pieces per model in sterling silver. Like the original Tibaldi nibs from ...



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