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Videa auto bentley Most Beautiful Bentley I've Ever Seen

Most Beautiful Bentley I've Ever Seen

1958 Bentley S 1 One of 2 Freestone and Webb bodies known to receive design #3171A on a Bentley. Known history from new. It received a complete mechanical and body restoration in 2004. The two tone blue is a Bentley original and was featured in Bentley sales literature. Equipped with power steering, automatic transmission and dual air conditioning. The original tools and owners handbooks are with the Bentley. It is in top touring condition and ready to be shown and recently won 1st place in a West Coast RR Meet. I've spent the last few days in St. Louis, MO, and I've brought back over 5gb of footage of cars to show you. Lots more on the way! Filmed at the Kemp Auto Museum

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