Video - Mahindra Mojo in11th auto expo 2012

Videa auto bentley Mahindra Mojo in11th auto expo 2012

Mahindra Mojo in11th auto expo 2012

Auto Expo did showcase a lot of cars but it was not complete without an array of motorcycles and scooters on display. whenever one talks about motorcycles or bikes in an exhibition in India, the brands that strike us are yamaha, mahindra, tvs, bajaj and so on. this video showcases mahindra mojo while awaiting the launch of Mahindra's superbike Mojo by March 2012. Go ahead watch the auto expo 2012 video featuring mohindra superbike mojo .Also on the display was their retro styled Italian design inspired bike Mojo. The Mojo was revealed long back and many had anticipated its launch immediately after its revealing. The Mahinda Mojo is a 300cc bike which has a liquid cooled DOHC motor affixed to it. The engine produces 26bhp at 8500 rpm and a torque of 24Nm at 7000 rpm. Inverted shock-absorbers, Front and Rear disc brakes and a weight of 160kgs are some of the highlighting points. Auto Expo 2012 - New Delhi. Largest Automotive show in India. The only complete Automotive show in World. Only show in India accredited by OICA. Delhi Auto Expo 2012 : Cars showcase includes the following vehicals: 2012's AutoExpo is expected to launch 32 cars. Out of the launched 32 cars, 8 are expected global launches - cars showcased for the first time anywhere across the world. First-time we will see participants like Ferrari and Peugeot in the India 11th Auto Expo making this auto expo Asia's biggest motor show. Here on this youtube channel we focus on showcasing each aspect of Auto Expo 2012 ...

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