Video - Leon CupraR - Enhancement (Available in HD)

Videa Bentley Turbo R Leon CupraR - Enhancement (Available in HD)

Leon CupraR - Enhancement (Available in HD)

A 2004 Seat Leon CupraR in for an Enhancement detail. Foaded with AutoBrite foam, washed with Dodo Juice BTBM. The car was then de-tarred (Tardis) and clayed (Born Slippy and Yellow Polly Clay). The car was then polished using 3M Yellow pads and 3M Yellow top polish, this required 2 hits. Finally, after a thorouh IPA wipedown, the car was refined/glazed with Britemax #4 Black Max. Finally, after another rinse, the car was waxed using Zymol Glasur, and all trims cleaned and dressed.

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