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Jay Leno's 1924 Bentley Twin Turbo

Jay Leno, a well-known car collector, often takes his beauties on drives onto the mountain roads above Malibu, an area already popular among motorcyclists, car enthusiasts and bicyclists. On February 19, 2012 he was up there with his 1924 Bentley Twin Turbo. According to his own car website, Jay Leno's Garage, he tracked down five 8-liter Bentley motors and decided to build his very own British hot rod in the spirit of Bentley's original cars. To quote: "He took the smallest 3-liter chassis he could find, and stuffed the mighty 8-liter engine into it, adding twin turbo chargers. In order to keep this antique roadworthy, Jay updated the filtration system, added a secondary radiator, and switched out the Bentley's cable brakes for hydraulics. Now, Jay claims the car is about as fast as a brand new stock Corvette C6. Maybe that's because this 3-liter's original Wyman body, made of wood, rubber and leatherette fabric is so incredibly lightweight that Jay can lift the whole thing by himself." In this video, after spending a good amount of time speaking to folks about the car and taking a look at the other excellent cars around him, he is starting it up and taking off (complete with an ahooga horn!). This was recorded at the viewing point at the western end of a portion of a section of Mulholland Highway known as "The Snake". The popular diner, The Rock Store, is on the eastern end and is a good place for food and to ogle at motorcycles and some cars (he stopped there after ...

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