Video - (HD) Bentley Mulsanne On Highway - 190 KMH

Videa Bentley Mulsanne (HD) Bentley Mulsanne On Highway - 190 KMH

(HD) Bentley Mulsanne On Highway - 190 KMH

Check The Description For More Info... PLS Add The Video To Your Favorites And Hit The Like Button... Enjoy The Video! When i first saw this "Mulsanne" i actually thought that it was a Rolls Ghost or something... But when it came closer i knew that it was a Bentley. He drove like 160/170 KMH, but when the highway was almost empty he accelerated to almost 200KMH. So it was hard to get good shots.(so they are a little shaky ) And at the end of the video i one bad shot of a Bentley Azure. Hope You Enjoy The Video BTW: You can place videoresponses on this video without my permission.... Greetz from TwinCharched HD bentley mulsanne cabrio kmh mph ferrari rev revving acceleration Amg turbo extreme onboard race racing start starting up engine fly by twincharched downshift drift flat out burnout exotic supercars london monaco full 1080p driving parking lamborghini sound loud top speed road test track accident Circuit continental gt gtc flying spur recaro arnage supersports convertible exhaust notes snow drifing high on highway pursuit roadster bugatti veryron vs m3 iaa rally 2011 2012 crashes

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