Video - Ferrari 599 HGTE in Leeds - Acceleration, Walkaround, Reactions

Videa Bentley Arnage Ferrari 599 HGTE in Leeds - Acceleration, Walkaround, Reactions

Ferrari 599 HGTE in Leeds - Acceleration, Walkaround, Reactions

Last week, i visited Leeds after a successful last trip which included a Gemballa Porsche. The second visit started off quite slow, but at the end, it got 30000% better, with a fantastic combination of exotics at the Market. A California Bi-Colore, a Bentley Arnage T, some Porsches, an R8 and this, the main car of the video, the 599 GTB Fiorano HGTE!! Probably one of the finest Ferraris i've ever seen. The lack of the front plate made me thought it would be Arab or simmilar, but it was a UK car. It sounded stunning, looked fabulous, and attracted a lot of attention from passers by in this rather busy part of Leeds. My 9th 599 i've seen, and 4th HGTE, and obviously this is the best 599 i've ever seen. So what is the HGTE? HGTE stands for Handling Gran Turismo Evoluzione, an overall package for the 599 which includes better throttle response, uprated suspension, the amazing wheels as found on the 550 Barchetta, some subtle styling cues, Lower suspension setting and a much better exhaust sound too. Overall a very awesome package. Anyway, hope you enjoy the video, and feel free to Leave a Comment! UPLOAD YOUR SPOTS ON Check out GTRJacko on... Facebook It's own Website: Another Website Flickr Exotic Spotter: Autogespot: Twitter: ©GTRJacko

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