Video - Excerpt from Introduction to MicroStation V8i Course

Videa Bentley Eight Excerpt from Introduction to MicroStation V8i Course

Excerpt from Introduction to MicroStation V8i Course

This video is an excerpt from one of the many online courses available from the Be Careers Network, ( Bentleys global academic support program. This particular video is part of the Introduction to MicroStation V8i, a primer for the first time MicroStation V8i student user. This course provides about six to eight hours of quality learning material divided into several short videos and hands-on exercises. It covers everything you need to know about basic 2D MicroStation from installing the software to printing your final work. Courses like this are part of the Be Careers Networks Academic Subscription available to universities worldwide. In addition to online training, this subscription also includes no-charge access to a large suite of Bentley products for installation on both lab and student systems. For more information about the Be Careers Network and its offerings, contact Please mention you learned about the program from watching this video.

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