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EVOMS EVT850 Porsche 997 Turbo Evolution MotorSports

Evolution MotorSports announces the EVT850 Performance System for the Porsche 997 Turbo. With the intelligent tuning of EVOMSit, the EVT850 generates ~ 850 HP and 810 ft./lb TQ. The power figures stated are preliminary and may improve after final tuning is completed. Race track evaluation completed on 18 March 2009 at Bondurant High Performance Race School by Tanner Foust of SuperCars Exposed and Todd Zuccone, Founder and President EVOMS. EVT850 Engine Components: - EVOMS GT30R Turbochargers w/ CNC Machined High Flow 76mm Billet Compressor Wheels - EVOMS CAD Engineered - 321 Stainless Steel GTR Stepped Headers - EVOMS CNC Machined Stainless Steel Metric Oil Feed Line Adapters - EVOMS Turbocharger Water Cooling Kit. Adapts to OEM water system No Modifications - EVOMS Engineered and Fabricated Lightweight 70mm Exhaust System with HJS Catalysts - EVOMS High Flow Turbocharger Air Feed Ducts with Boost Recirculation Ports - EVOMS 70mm High Flow Aluminum Y-Pipe with Boost Recirculation Ports - EVOMS EBDV-90 Billet Aluminum Boost Recirculation Valves - EVOMS High Efficiency ClubSport Intercooler Upgrade 40% more efficient than stock - EVOMS Silicone Boost Hoses - EVOMS Carbon Fiber V-Flow Air Induction System with Twin 127mm Venturis - EVOMS / IPD Intake Plenum W/ Large 83mm Throttle Valve - EVOMS / SRE Street Clutch System w/ #3850 Clamp Force - EVOMSit EVT850 ECU Performance Upgrade w/ SP and IST Programmed without VTG Functions - Electronic Boost Controller - Electronic Boost ...

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