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Videa Bentley Brooklands Black Bentley Brooklands Drive-By

Black Bentley Brooklands Drive-By

When people usually find Bentleys or even associate them, you tend to think of the Continental GT. This Bentley isn't a Continental, it is a Brooklands. Not the new one but the old type, with the V8 engine. I Was just walking down Clifford's Street when i just saw this Bentley pop up out of Nowhere. It Poped out of "Stonebow" (a Little street in the middle of York) wand i thought it was worth recording, besides it's a Bentley which isn't a Common Continental. It seems to also look like it's painted in a very dark Brown, kind of like Bovril. This left a nice sound after which sounded great. Not much else to say apart from a nice find. Please Feel free to Leave a Comment ~GTRJacko Song Name: Eminem - Seduction (instrumental) Also you can view this car on AG here:

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