Videa Bentley Eight BENTLEY MULSANNE 2011


BENTLEY MULSANNE 2011 Base Price: $ 290 000 Engine: 6,75L V8 Power: 506bhp Torque: 752 lb-ft The design of the new Mulsanne is a unique fusion of sportiness, coachbuilt elegance and solidity. Echoing the Bentley S -Type of the 1950s, the Mulsanne features a bold frontal design dominated by the traditional Bentley matrix grille and highly prominent, classic round inner headlamps with chrome surrounds, flanked by two, smaller outboard lamp clusters, all featuring the latest in lighting technology. The iconic 'Flying B' retractable radiator mascot is available as an option. The long bonnet, short front overhang and long rear overhang help to convey a sense of power and movement, reinforced by muscular haunches and sharply sculptured lines which flow gracefully from the front wings to the rear. Uniquely designed 20-inch (and optional 21-inch) wheels reinforce the Mulsanne's powerful, sporting stance. As one would expect, when it comes to the interior the latest in-car technologies are discreetly placed within the Mulsanne. A multimedia system with 60GB hard disc drives satellite navigation, audio/video, personal data, telephone and Bluetooth connectivity. The upper dashboard houses an 8-inch multimedia screen, positioned unobtrusively behind an electrically operated veneered door, while below sits a stylish, leather-lined media player stowage drawer with connectors for iPod, USB, Mini USB and 3.5mm aux. A 14-speaker audio system with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and 6-CD ...




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