Video - Bentley Green (Kid Rapper) :: Song for the Dallas Mavericks

Videa Bentley Eight Bentley Green (Kid Rapper) :: Song for the Dallas Mavericks

Bentley Green (Kid Rapper) :: Song for the Dallas Mavericks

Catch a first-ever performance of Bentley Green performing a song written for the Dallas Mavericks. Brenda Taylor Taylor'd Productions Add him @ Bentely Green :: DALLAS MAVERICKS SONG HOOK We Go Hard In The Paint You Know IT {Dallas} No Look Pass Fast Break Like Showbiz {Girls Voice} We Don't Talk We Play We Focus {MAVERICKS} We Fly High On Our Opponents VERSE 1 Ya'll little boys can't mess with the Mavericks Ya'll little boys better get away from Dallas Off in the paint we move like a savage 3 point Jays through the net like Magic Fly High Like American Airlines That's why we play in the American Airlines When it's game time we stay on a hard grind Waiting just to win the playoffs in the Summertime On the court we dunk with it shake with it Make a mistake we hit a fast break with it On the Three's Dirk fade away with it In the stands Mark Cuban don't play with it Verse 2 On the Mavs every week is a winning week So the other teams hate on the winning streak New NBA Champs what we finna be Go hard and fly high in the rivalry YESSSS We the best in the West With Josh Howard and J.Terry the Jet Jumpshot Blaze and burn through the nets Get ready to lose Dallas we got next Watch the Mavs can't stop We block shots with Dampier and Diop We box out and beat down the block Fans in the stands tell us we too hott HOOK We Go Hard ...

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