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Bentley Feat. Brigette Quintana - Winter Rose

Dansonn made the beat check out his page for other amazing beats! Make sure to subscribe and join my facebook page! Thanks for listening! Lyrics... (Verse 1) In my hand lies a frozen rose It's a chosen oath "Never go back to what was known as hope" I waited for you but no one showed It left a broken soul, Cuz the quote was "No" So I use this inspiration for thoughts When it's raining it's dark, It feels abrasive and sharp, Gives you a taste of what's not So what did you fight for? or still fighting for? It's time to Ignite a war Naw time to fight for more You made plans that turned into a wasteland Paced fast but came last aint that a blast? Fuck I'm gonna break this stained glass Shatter my matter with crazed facts Damper my atoms with eight blasts So the pain lasts But I'm still the same man So when the smoke clears Imma be right here, my sight so clear A soldier with the composure on his shoulders with no fear (Hook) We shared this rose As we watched it grow The time went by You watched it die My mind tried so hard to let go Still I hold this rose (Verse 2) It's one chance at the opportunity of life So if I ruin my immunity I might Be stuck to insight my fluency on mics Leavin my mind at a truancy with life I knew it'd be a fight But I didn't know it'd take this long Make me strong hate my wrongs and fake along I ache on songs, raise my arms This frustration is updating my luck fading What's shading? The fact that I mask what's on my ...

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