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Bentley & DJ Skan - Tis The Season

DJ SKAN - Bentley Facebook - Lyrics Verse #1 This that moses spit Flow is potent leavin oceans split Coastin, potion sick Poetic flow is bliss So cold the head of showmanship Doper than chokin your hope till your motionless Ya'll wanna know my first song? that was my birth date Born on an earthquake cuz I made the earth shake when my verse played I'm like a first date, you're nervous, it's certain I'm sickening When I be rippin beats viciously Verse #2 I'm back in the lab, cookin up heat Immaculate raps, put in the beat look at this beast I got tempering sensors blockin the hate You cant stop it it's fate So I'll have you in a coffin by eight Often I may Bark at you lames when you sparkin this flame I'm hard to contain You far from my lane The target's in aim I'm off in the brain You say you spit better than Bentley? Sorry who are you? i'm awful with names Verse # 3 Machine gun flow, it's automatic The way i play the radio I'm known to cause a static I Gobble tracks with Marvelin rap shit Marvel at that kid I'll startled with mad shit I can't give in cuz my spit is infinite Intricate to the point there's no forgiven him You spinnin simple shit I call you Mr. Simpleton When I enter in, I have you shaking like I'm abusive and you the bitch I hit ` Verse #4 Do the mathematics, I'm a rap addict Sporadic cash? Have it I'm in a wonderland, My main bitch is Alice I drive insane whips in a palace Changin lanes, these dames diggin my talents I'm ...

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