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Bentley Continental Supersports 2013

By the time Bentley had finished proliferating its initial Continental line, first offered as a coupe for 2004, no fewer than eight models were on the docket, including convertible and sedan body styles with 552-hp 12-cylinder engines, 600-hp "Speed" versions of all three, and for coupe and ragtop models, lighter Supersports versions with 621 hp. Now, with the second-generation Continental GT coupe on sale around the world, the rollout of variants is set to commence, and the two-door Speed, caught here by our wily spy photographers, looks like it's in the hole. (We have it on good authority that the regular-grade GTC will appear next, at this fall's Frankfurt show.) Stealth Speed Only two places on the exterior—the pinched tailpipes and the deeper, three-section lower front fascia—give away this car's identity as the next speedy Conti. We expect this to be true of the production model, too, as the first-gen Speeds were similarly indistinguishable from the base models. The previous Speeds also featured upsized, thin-spoke wheels (which owners often swapped out for aftermarket pieces), so don't expect to see these five-spoke 20-inchers, which are the base wheel on the standard Continental GT, to be the production footwear. Also worth noting is that the air suspension of this prototype seems to be jacked up to its Moab setting; the last-gen Speeds rode roughly half an inch lower in their standard setting than their non-Speed counterparts, and we expect this trait to carry ...



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