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You can download the full "2010 To Infinity" Mixtape at: Lyrics: Mike... i've got the components to own this, soon as i'm blowin the potent, i'm flowin like i'm rowin a boat that sprang a leak in the ocean, i'm off the chain like a dovermane with no owner, i'm roaming, ready to go for your organs soon as you open your door bitch, i got a morbid sense of humor, and i use intensive fuma--gation to exterminate all the fuckin rats inside the room, i guess im doomed, to bring the news to all the sluts that ive screwed , i've got hiv, the clap, and probably herpes symplex two, but, im hip, and im hoppin, like a fuckin kangarro, and what i slipped in your stockin, was a mangled asian dude, at least what remained of him, i guess i'm a strange fuckin, son of a deranged husband paint huffin lame, i wonder what became of him? he loved him that cane substance, i knew the name of it, before i could say what it, was exactly they were all sniffin in the kitchen, if its nature over nurture, i'm a human drug addiction, i assume that up in prison, might be my story's last stop, cause i just fuck the system like a virus on your laptop, i'll put it on my handcock, i co-sign myself, i'll hit the bong and still win the fuckin gold like michael phelps, a poltergeist from hell, whose been chokin mics with help from the souless lifeless shell of a ghostwriting big l, im joking, its a hoax, i wrote this shiite myself, if provoked lets just hope i dont go recite a spell, of eternal ...

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