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2012 Bentley Mulsanne Minnesota | Twin Cities Luxury Auto The Mulsanne is named after the small French town located at the end of the famous 'Mulsanne' straight from the historic 24-hour endurance race of Le Mans in north-western France. That heritage is lived out in the flesh in this notable ultra-luxurious Bentley. If you plan on being driven, or driving yourself, this Bentley will surely delight with whichever you choose. The convenience and styling in the back seat alone of this English ultra-luxury sedan is seductively exceptional. With Mirror-matched Wood Veneers throughout the interior and hand-selected hides for each trimmed surface the allure of this vehicle is something to behold. With a twin-turbocharged V8 that is producing 505BHP @ 4200rpm with an astonishing 752 ft/lb of torque ready to push this extravagant Bentley down the road, the ride can be smooth and luxurious or fast and sporty when Drive Dynamics are altered. Sport mode has tighter handling and less forgiving suspension, while Comfort mode has some play in the steering and bounce to the suspension. Bentley Preferred mode equates to effortless driving, gliding along on the clouds. 24 standard colors to the exterior, 21 colors for the carpet, 23 color options for the safety belts, and 9 veneer species to adorn the interior trim. With that many options it is conceivable that if you come into Twin Cities Luxury Auto we could potentially special order your own Mulsanne to your exacting specifications and it would be a one-of-a-kind ...

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