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1987 Bentley Eight for Sale

Visit to see this fantastic 1987 Bentley Eight for sale from Sunset Classics. Nothing says luxury and comfort like this classic 1987 Bentley Eight for sale. Because of the attention that went into every single Bentley, 1987 saw only 1736 of these vehicles produced. This Bentley has only 59104 original miles. The interior is gorgeous and comfortable, and from the driver's seat conveniences come at you from every angle. When you turn on the key this Bentley springs to life. The engine has a thrilling low rumble. There is a digital display that comes out from the center counsel to flip up giving the driver complete control over all aspects of the stereo system. The remote for the stereo is stored in a charming, removable wooden tray between the two front seats. This digital stereo system with its high tech screen must have appeared hyper-futuristic to owners back in 1987. This screen quality and the clear, colorful, animated visuals are impressive technology even today! Take a look at the full description and photo/video shoot at the link above and then give me a call to take this beauty home. John Snell 612-805-2428 Thanks for watching and give her a nice big thumbs up and a Like!



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