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133265 / 1997 Bentley Azure Tourer

For more information on this vehicle visit If you're ready to experience world class, low-mileage luxury that rivals the Waldorf in comfort and equals Park Avenue in style, it's time to step up to the realm of Bentley! With just 5336 immaculately maintained miles on its bright digital odometer, this smooth green Azure Tourer remains a stately and very distinctive piece that certainly looks the part of its coveted GT class. Naturally, the car' Pininfarina designed body was hand assembled at Bentley's legendary Crewe, England manufacturing facility where a white glove inspection ensured spectacularly even paint and panel fitment. And today, logging only 355 miles each year since new, it's every bit as fresh and polished as the minute its tires rolled onto American roads. There's no question this is an impressive looking car, but that's only half the equation. Stuffed with heavy, hand crafted materials and all the luxury amenities anyone could ever imagine, the Azure weighs in at just over 5500 pounds. In an ordinary luxury car, that would create an acceleration nightmare, but not for this Bentley. Its stalwart 6.75 liter V8 creates 385 horsepower and a massive 553 lb./ft. of torque on its way to an impressive 6.3 second 0-60 sprint and an Autobahn dominating 150 MPH top speed! The bottom line: this heavily refined pushrod V8, which Bentley called the "six and three quarter" engine", sports a Garrett turbocharger and a high quality Zytek engine management system ...



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