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132379/2002 Bentley Azure Convertible

No doubt that all cars have gotten pretty darned good recently, but until you've driven something like this 2002 Bentley Azure drophead coupe, I can guarantee that there's an entirely different layer of amazing that you have yet to experience. There are no other vehicles, then or now, that drive like a big Bentley. I might compare it to a living room that can run 13-second quarter mile times, but it's likely that most viewers haven't been in a living room this nice. No other vehicle in the motoring kingdom drives with the dissonant power and grace of this lovely Azure convertible. None. This Sunrise Red Azure shows just 19263 immaculately maintained miles from new, and is as gorgeous and silky smooth as the day it arrived on the ship from England. The paint you get with your one-third-of-a-million-dollars has probably been hand rubbed by a whole team of guys named Jeeves or Kensington who wear white gloves whenever they touch it, or perhaps even by magical elves, because it's spectacularly even. In the nine years since this luxury yacht landed on our shores, it has been beautifully maintained, and everything that was spectacular about it in 2002 remains, and there are almost no signs that it has been driven. This is also a car that weighs somewhat north of 5500 pounds, yet can hurl itself to 60 MPH in less than six seconds. Do the math—oh, never mind, if you can afford this car, you can afford to have someone do the match for you. It adds up to 400 horsepower and a ...

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