Bentley Turbo R

Bentley Turbo R

Rok výroby 1985 - 1997


Kategorie: Osobní vozy & SUV

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The Bentley Turbo R was a high-performance model produced by Bentley Motors Limited. The "R" stood for "roadholding", to set it apart from its predecessor. It initially inherited the turbocharged engine from the Mulsanne Turbo and also sported a retuned suspension and wider tires on alloy wheels, a first for a Bentley. From the 1987 model year (20,000 series chassis numbers), however, the Turbo R's V8 engine was retuned with fuel injection for added torqueMotor Trend called the Turbo R "the first Bentley in decades deserving of the famous name" in their review of the car on its introduction to the United States in 1989.

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Bentley Turbo R
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1990 Bentley Turbo R
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